How To Manage Investment Risk?

How To Manage Investment Risk

Facing Investment risk in business is common. Nowadays, due to corona, the rate of risk has eventually increased. The word management means the process of controlling things. Facing a threat is not a problem, but how well do you manage the risk is rocket science. Here in this post, in case you have invested your capital, we’ll help you handle the uncertainty.

Proper Planning

Whatever your goal is, proper planning makes things easier for you and guides you about your next move. Without proper planning, without knowing the market don’t go into the investment business blindly. Build a proper plan where you want to invest? Why did you want to spend in that category? What are the trends? What will be the bonds and stocks ratio? Ask yourself such questions, you will get a better idea where you are standing and where do you want to reach. If you don’t have a proper goal, then despite all the below-mentioned points, you will never be able to manage risk or to recover from a loss.

Margin Of Safety

An investment trust is a fundamental element. After all the study, in the end, you have to trust someone with your money. Yet this trust does not mean to give all of your amounts. Whether you are buying bonds or stocks. Making your investment in property, food etc. make sure you maintain a margin of safety. The margin of safety means the difference between your invested amount and the actual value. According to Warren Buffett “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” Hence the more substantial the margin area, the lesser risk would be.

Look Before You Leap

Don’t rush while making any decision. Look twice before making any agreement. Make out all the possible outcomes and consequences before investing. For this, you can consult graphs and charts of that particular trend. The economy of your country. The culture of your country and other countries as well (in case you are making your investment in imports or exports). These things will help you to predict the future, thus making it easy for you to make a decision. You can’t control certain things like economy, values, culture, but you can manage your investment. So choose wisely.

Avoid Low Quality, Or Long-Term Bonds

Cash, bonds, stocks are the major categories when you are looking for investment. And each of them has different importance in your portfolio. For liquidity purpose, you would go for cash. For growth and improvement, you would go in the stock exchange market. And when it comes to stability, bonds are the perfect example. Measuring the risk factor among these three, relationships give you more security and stability instead of income. But the main thing over here lies is that the connection should be of less period. The suitable period is considered to be five years or less. Hence, by keeping up the balance between the stocks and the bonds, you can easily calculate your income and stability. Also, make sure the relationship of the capital in which you are investing must not be of low quality.

Follow The Trend

There is a quite famous proverb about trends: “A trend is your friend until it ends”. Well, the motto is itself quite explanatory. And that’s the best way to manage risk. Following a trend not only allows you to get to know people’s interests but also enables you to avoid danger. After all, when you get to know the people’s attention, eventually you will invest accordingly. Moreover, you can also predict a trends future by looking at its graph of the previous five years.


To avoid risk or to manage a crisis, diversification is the best solution. Make sure the investment you are making or buying some assets is not correlated. If the price of one item is going down. On the other hand, the amount of other assets is increasing. As a result, the overall loss would be low. But you have to make it clear that items are not correlated, and you are following the trend.

Size Of Investment

No matter how much the deal is worth, don’t invest your whole amount on it. Investing your entire amount is riskier than spending a small portion on it. A 50% lo on a $1000 investment hurts less than an investment of $10,000. Investment choice is yours, and you can choose whether not to invest or to invest a small amount. While investing don’t ignore the points as mentioned earlier.

Asset Allocation

Suppose your main goal is to grow, to nourish and for that purpose you invest your money in some property. After some time you get double the amount than your investment. The greediness for more money will push you to spend more money in that market. Here at this point, the lag comes. Investing your whole amount at one place just because you get the advantage at first hand is the riskiest thing you have ever done in your life. Focusing on your goal is a good thing, but letting the objectives and its outcomes of manipulating you are the most dangerous thing. Allocating your amount all in one point does not give you any kind of guarantee of getting rich.

Monitor Your Investments

After proper planning and research, you have invested your money. You have bought some assets, bonds, stocks, spending your money in some business. And the ratio of each investment is balanced. It seems like everything is perfect right? Nope, that’s not the end. According to Denis Waitley

“Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning.”

Denis Waitley

So to remain persistent monitor your investments. Go through all of your investments annually or biannually. Make changes according to the trends, buy and sell some stocks or bonds, change the size of your investment. Keep yourself up to date about all the happenings to pursue your dreams.

Take Advantage of Products Guaranteed By Government

If the government is launching any scheme, do invest in them. The chances of risk are low, and there are no chances of any fraud. It is safe to invest as the government protects it.


“If you don’t play, you can’t win.”

Judith McNaught

For playing, you have to take risks, and if you don’t take any chances, you will never win. Risk is uncertain, but how well do you manage that risk is totally in your hands. Don’t freak out in these circumstances, by doing so you will further take worse steps, take a deep breath, follow the steps as mentioned above. Maintain a balance between your investments and the size of the investment. Allocate your resources wisely. Do whatever you want to do but do it with proper planning. Keep yourself up to date with all the trends, graphs and charts. Monitor your investments annually or biannually. You will be able to manage risks safe and sound.